Tuesday, December 04, 2007

just before I go...

Meet Edvarda. She likes to come into my room and stare at the window at night to ponder long and hard about deep existentialist matters , such as the purpose of her existence in this mysterious universe. She also likes to catch mice and purr when you pet her.This is the view from the same window Edvarda is peering from in the previous image. Painted today, just a few hours ago, before the sun went down (the sun sets very early here in Norway this time of year).
This is the same view done just a few days ago. As opposed to the gouache above this one was done in watercolour. Which one do you like better? Personally, I prefer the gouache, because it feels more like a painting, but the watercolour medium is just a lot more mysterious and free, I think, no matter what you paint.

This is my dirty little desk in my room, with a mirror reflection. Watercolour, again.


OK, so I'm really sorry for false promises to post some paintings next time I update this thing. My lousy excuse is that the camera, which I did eventually manage to get my hands on, gave very poor results and the light conditions at the place I tried to take the pictures were not too favourable either. Soooooo, what this all means is that I will have to wait till I come back home (which actually happens pretty soon) so I could take proper photos and hopefully upload them at that point. In the meantime, I'm gone to Madrid for a week - woohoo - that should be absolutely awesome! And after I come back I have another week and a half before I return to Canada. So, in two weeks-ish (hopefully) I will post some pictures.